Acceptance SWIFT

How do you send messages across financial institutions, banks and corporate groups? SWIFT messages are just the way to do it. From sending and receiving international payments, we at Alliance Digital Corporation Banque guide you through acceptance SWIFT.

The acceptance message is sent across by either the accepting, paying or negotiating bank, to the bank that issues the payment. Additionally, the bank which receives the documents can also accept SWIFT messages.

Through this message, we are able to advise the individuals better about the credit terms of documents and forward them according to the instructions.

The acceptance SWIFT is also called MT754. Along with sending the messages, we can also use them for:

  • Settling the payment and negotiations across banks
  • Giving a pre-notification of a reimbursement claim. This is sent from issuing to receiving bank.
  • Giving a pre-debit notification. This is sent from claiming to the issuing bank.

We at Alliance Digital Corporation Banque facilitate all these SWIFT bureau services, allowing our users to benefit from them. This further allows them the freedom of transmitting payments and messages through SWIFT without having to look majorly in the SWIFT infrastructure. Also, these services are of benefit to RMA management and other such activities.

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