Bank Account Management

Most global organizations struggle to keep up with financial management and gain insights comprehensively into cashflows. The present-day scenario of corporate treasuries calls for efficiency, eliminating high risks, transactions and personnel costs. These mainly involve the automation of opening and management of bank accounts.

We at Alliance Digital Corporation Banque, provide solutions to automate the standard workflow procedures involved in the management of bank accounts. With a workflow-based application, we further provide the option of connectivity for the facilitation of eBAM services.

Through this, we allow the users to automatically generate documents, corresponding messages and even deliver these e-messages through SWIFT apps. Moreover, you can utilise our reporting capabilities for easy compliance to run an audit process efficiently.

The key features that we offer through our Bank Account Management services include:

  • Easing the labour-intensive processes. This is done by digitalization and task automation, thereby reducing human error and saving time.
  • Get real-time visibility and updates about your account. This allows higher transparency throughout the process.
  • Easy implementation and integration of all solutions. This also involves an ERP system and payment factory.

We allow you to conquer bank connectivity with innovative outbound optimization and bank management processes.

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